All staff is attuned to the residents needs and to the families’ needs and concerns. They are concerned with both the physical and the emotional needs of their residents.

The community is always clean, the staff is accessible and they take immediate care of any medical issues.


Family Member

My aunt feels safe here and this is her home, she loves it! My husband and I have dropped in at various hours of the day and night and her needs have always been met.

She is engaged in the activities and we always feel welcomed by the staff, the communication is open and this gives us confidence when we are not able to be here with her.


Family Member

Where can I possibly begin to speak about what my husband’s placement at Harbor House means to me? He was one of the younger residents when he arrived here three years ago. Being “pre-retirement” age when receiving the diagnosis of frontal temporal dementia presents a whole different set of difficulties- namely a spouse who works full time and so I could not be his constant caregiver.

Not only has Harbor House become his home and provided a secure environment, but it has become a second home to me as I visit him. As my husbands illness has progressed in some ways it is more important for me than it may be for him; to keep him in a place that provides a home like environment and appropriate care for him rather than an institutional setting.

The administration of Harbor House has shown such compassion and willingness to work with me throughout the process.

My desire is that my husband will be able to live out his days here, with people who genuinely care for him and for me.


Wife of Resident

My mother has been a resident at Harbor House for the past four years. I usually visit several times a week during the day for an average of 45 minutes. For us and I believe for many families, Harbor House has filled a need in the Alzheimer’s community that many other homes do not provide. Colleen once said to us something to the effect “we will allow your mother to live with her illness”, that they did. They did not just give her medication and sit her in a chair. Mom has had many years where she laughs and still experiences joy and for that I am forever grateful.


Family Member

The true angels at Harbor House are the CNA’s. They treat mom just like she was there mom. They are awesome and patient with her. It takes a special person to work in House Three and the CNA’s that are there are just that very special. What I love most is how dedicated they are. In most homes the turnover is high but not at Harbor House. They employees seem to love working there and it shows. They have become second family to me. Thank God for Susanna, Jessica, Brittany, and all the rest of them.


Family Member